Phobase, new platform for web app development.

Hi there, we'are working on Personal Website Builder (checkout bio page demo) but some features in Website Builder and Database might be ready for early testing, send us a message for early access.

Personal Website Builder

We craft customizable UI components that work seamlessly together. Forget pixel-pushing, we leverage CSS utility classes to give you complete control over your design. This approach prioritizes the freedom to express your creativity, making customization limitless.

Our progress

  • Primitive components, e.g. buttons, links, backgrounds, borders in progress
  • User-defined animated components, e.g. keyframes, special effects based on react-spring, framer-motion in progress
  • Interactive 3D components, e.g. splice and libraries based on three.js in progress
  • CSS utility classes completed
  • All popular icon sets completed
  • Personal website builder planned
  • Personal website deployment planned

Website Builder

We take the core concepts of Personal website and apply them to building full-featured websites. Our components are designed to provide users with a complete solution for website creation.

Our progress

  • Wireframe components early access
  • Marketing components, e.g. header, hero, CTA early access
  • Stateful components, e.g. form, todo
  • Graph chart components, e.g. d3, recharts, echarts, visx early access
  • Effortlessly integrate with popular, well-maintained UI/UX libraries like MUI, Joy, Chakra UI, Mantine, shadcn, radix, Blueprint, tamagui, and more. These libraries boast large, active communities and are built for efficiency in development, maintenance, theming, and accessibility early access
  • Multi-page builder
  • Custom domain support


We're taking things a step further by adding full database support to your websites. Our database is designed to be both user-friendly for beginners and powerful enough for developers to build complex apps.

Our progress

  • Robust database designed for rich data types with friendly spreadsheet UI early access
  • Complex columns, e.g. file, user, relation early access
  • Sorting and filtering early access
  • Full-text search early access
  • Vector search
  • Role based permission early access
  • Automation
  • Complex apps, such as product listing, user management, automation, and realtime