Serverless database + App platform

Easy to start. Simple to build. Powerful to grow.

Designed for no-code, built for code masters

Phobase is the best place for organizing your data and creating amazing apps
See everything with ease
Performant data platform that helps you to manage and access data easily, keeping track of your projects, customers or code snippets.
Organize all types of data
Write long-form content with full-featured Markdown editor. Store and access files with security and permission. Highlight your data using multi-select options with over 100 colours to choose.
Need to store something different?
Find what you need
Add a sort to quickly view your data in a specific order: task priority, started time, etc. Pick a filter whenever you want to focus on some subset of data. Use search to find a specific value.
Access with ease
Unlike our competitors, our data platform is built with an API-first approach. Your data is ready to use in apps or integration with other platforms.

And other Made with ❤️ features

Dark mode
Sensitive to light, turn it off
Row height
Want to see more content, increase the height
Edit in form
Need to edit data quickly, tab to go
Primary column
Some columns are more important than others